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Advantages of the Stainless Steel Water Tanks
Advantages of the Stainless Steel Water Tanks
1 Heat resistant - will not warp or deform under direct sunlight. 7 Available in different capacities ranging from 250 ltrs. to 100,000 ltrs.
2 Leak proof - longer life span makes it one time investment. 8 Light weight & easy to install in the long run saves money.
3 Unique design - prevents insects from entering & contaminating the water.
9 Ideal for storage of potable water used in residential & commercial.
4 No rise in temperature of stored water by sunlight due to mirror finish material.
10 The discharge point is located at the bottom of the tank.
5 The material of construction is the most preferred material for use in the Food & Pharma Industries.
11 No growth of bacteria in the stored water.
6 Does not rust or corrode hence water is hygienically clean. 12 These tanks are widely used in packages drinking water industry, Winery,Pharma and Daiy