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Get Kaung is one of the leading deep drawn manufacturer, metal stamping manufacturer and suppliers in Taiwan. We specializes in offering metal stamping services , metal stamping process , design , and manufacturing. Get kaung not only offers metal stamping manufacturing, but also provides the total solution for metal stamping services , include:

  • Stainless steel stamping and metal stamping parts.
  • High quality metal stamping parts and deep drawn metal stampings.
  • Big and small metal stamping parts and deep draw metal stamping.
  • Professional metal stamping techniques, precision metal stampings and deep drawing, fast delivery.
  • Custom metal stampings.
  • Metal Stamping Supplier

We have managed to provide the customized metal stamping products to meet client's needs. The product range include metal blanking, metal embossing, metal flanging, metal coining, and more. If you have more questions about the metal stamping, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Metal Stamping Blank Services
Metal Stamping of Blank
Metal Stamping Embossing
Metal Stamping Embossing
Metal Stamping Flange
Metal Stamping Flange
Metal Coining
Metal Stamping of Assembly Parts